Xyntillan Session 6

Rot Grubs

  • Orchid (John’s Fighter)
  • Fisk (Erin’s Thief)
  • Genaesequau “Jennae” (Emily’s Cleric 2) died by rot grub
  • 3 wardogs
  • Genaesequau by rot grub

  • Bentley Rumbold by Morella

  • Marthe by cloak teeth

a lot

The party decided to explore a bit near the grand entrance with a general plan of eventually exploring the chapel on the isle across the bridge as well.

They met Samuel, a servant who struck them as a bit odd and completely alive.

They found a boiled mermaid and varoious other things in a segment of the castle near the entrance before they found stairs to the second level. There they fought off eldritch tentacles that grabbed at them from through a mirror, finally managing to kill off enough to run out of the room. After they finished rummaging through a room with a northern window in it and preparing to climb out the window by rope to the roofs below, Gillz Malevol returned to her room and acted wickedly excited to learn as much as she could about them. Sensing danger, the fighter had her attack guards grab Gillz by the legs, and the party poured as much holy water on her as they could, killing her.

They threw her body toward the lake, hoping to distract the sea monster. They descended to cross the bridge to the chapel on the isle. Outside the chapel, they found a winch and used it to bring up a cage containing a coffin, which they pried open. It contained the corpse of an old man, which they staked, awakening it. The man fought back poorly and withstood their attacks well, speaking as if he didn’t understand youth, offering candy and quarters. They relented and he agreed to stop the fight as well. They left some food for him. He told them he was locked up during the day but allowed to roam freely at night, but that he was okay with it. He left.

They explored the first floor and a bit of the second of the chapel on the isle. The lake tower. On the second floor, Jenny opened a wheel of rotting cheese, releasing rot grubs, one of which burrowed to her heart, killing her. (The party later threw her body into the lake, hoping a grub might kill the sea monster.)

Much treasure was gathered. The other party members leveled up.

Orchid’s carousing resulted in burning the Black Comedian to the ground. No one else knows who did this.

I need to nerf war dogs and I’ll probably give the fighter extra attacks against HD 1 enemies.